Our Team

Our teams are selected for their complimentary and broad range of response skills consisting of sector security and risk mitigation, operations management, emergency medical support, training, communications, asset tracking, logistics, investigations, and procurement.


We are structured to provide a comprehensive suite of intelligence, including operations management and risk mitigation services to our clients in all environments. Cultural awareness with a deep understanding of local nuance, and political and economic context are just some of the keys we use to ensure effective and safe overseas operations.


For companies working abroad in remote regions, such as disaster areas and high threat environments, we have the means and capability to quickly mobilize and provide the expertise in all operational areas of construction and base operations.


These capabilities and services are tailored to each client, and each requirement as part of a turnkey solution.


GENI-AX team of experienced professionals have the know-how and capability to effectively identify, evaluate and implement risk mitigating measures covering a wide range of industries and their sectors.

We will support you in achieving the best security solutions to meet your needs. From Risk Assessments and Staff training to full protective security in high threat environments.