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our values are our strong points:


Ethics, Confidentiality, Reliability, Professionalism ...


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GENI-AX Worldwide Network ....... A New Approach to Risk Management


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GENI-AX is Group of specialized consultation and services corporations. We provide strategic and tactical stability support, with turn-key mission solutions which ensure the safety and structured readiness of Governmental and Corporate ventures worldwide.


Our team of strategy consultants delivers pooled knowledge and skills obtained from direct participation at all levels of our company's major markets. With extensive know-how and hands-on experience from Africa, The Middle East, Far East, Europe and The Americas to our clients.  


We serve our clients - with proven standards of professionalism and competence - through strategic partnerships in our International Professional Network, with globally selected Companies, Associates and Consultants.


We have developed, and are continuing the growth of our company on 7 Pillars namely: "Strength of Character, Wisdom, Perceptiveness, Advice, Precision, Capacity and Respect".

GENI-AX Group believes and seeks to encourage private sector investment and capability building solutions by advising our clients to facilitate practical market entry strategies, with local capabilities as long term solutions.